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## Hello!
Hi, I'm John M. Harris, Jr. I'm a software developer, network
administrator and hardware hacker, Founder/CTO of
[Splentity Software](,
Directory of Technology for [Red Vice]( Looking
Hi, I'm JohnMH. I'm a software developer, network
administrator and hardware hacker. Looking
for my [blog](/blog/)?
In my free time, I'm usually working on OpenBlox, a free (libre)
In my free time, I used to work on OpenBlox, a free (libre)
software game engine providing a simple and easy to learn Lua API.
OpenBlox is always looking for contributors, whether you're a
......@@ -25,27 +23,6 @@ list is not exhaustive, I do have stray accounts on services I don't
use very often and I do not list those accounts here. For the most
part, this list is in order of activity.
### Internet Relay Chat
I'm always connected to the Freenode IRC network, where I use the
nickname "JohnMH" most of the time. Whenever I'm
connected, you'll find me in #Splentity and #OpenBlox. Feel free to send
me a query, or ping me if you see me in a channel.
### (GNU Social)
In support of decentralized social networking, and to promote
censorship-free services, [Splentity]( runs a
GNU Social instance with the Qvitter theme at
[]( On, I am
### Twitter
Occasionally, I use Twitter, where I post as
[JohnMH_Jr]( The platform is non-free
and is heavily censored. If you do not currently use Twitter, I do
not suggest creating an account. Unfortunately, a small number of
people I wish to be in contact with use the service, so I still do as
### Fedora
I am a contributor to the Fedora Project, member of Community
Operations and the Games SIG, working to help with games in Fedora.
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